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   About my universe:

    I am glad to be on the planet rather than in it.   


   I live in New Hampshire, where kids have to wear seatbelts in moving motor vehicles. Except school buses. As far as I know, there are no seat belts in school buses. What gives?

   I think teaching children the multiplication tables up through the number nineteen would serve them well.

   I think homework should be rare.

   Your fridge compressor is most likely on the bottom of the fridge. The compressor gets hot. Heat rises up into the box you are cooling off. Duh, the compressor should be on top. What does that cost us in fuel?

   Who decided how wide toilet paper would be?

   If balloons can pop, why can't they mom?

   Subzero Fahrenheit weather is so much fun for blowing soap bubbles. Rather than break, they dent.

   People are more fun than anybody.

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